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What are you doing for your dog's long-term health? 

5 Reasons to get proactive about your dog's health with drool-worth functional treats

"Kayode has a lot of probiotics, vitamins and minerals
she isn’t getting in her food."

1. Your dog's health needs go beyond their food

There is no perfect dog diet. Kibble usually adds only minimum quantities of some vitamins. Raw & fresh diets can't get some essential nutrients without supplementing.

Kayode helps you fill the gap between food and vet visits.

2. Your dog's health deserves the same standard as your own

Your dog's supplement is only going to work as well as how it's made. Most dog supplements are made by melting ingredients together, burning off nutrients and requiring gumming agents to hold together.

Kayode chews are cool-pressed in small batches for maximum benefits. The liquids also made after bone broth cools before spinning ingredients together.

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3. Use functional treats as the way to get proactive about their health

The studies are piling up showing supplements aren't only for people. The right nutrients can make a world of difference to your dog's day.

The right nutrition can add up to two years to your dog's life. Don't make health a chore. With Kayode, this daily ritual will have your dog drooling when you bring out the jar.

4. They use clean, natural ingredients without the BS

The pet industry is known for it's shortcuts and questionable quality. Your dog deserves the same quality as you. We don't have any artificial substitutes or fillers to save money. We follow the science and make clean small batches here in the USA.

5. They will be a highlight of your dog's day

Your dog isn't going to choke down protein powder that tastes like chalk or a pill because it's good for them. Your dog follows their nose.

So anything healthier needs to also be tastier. We focus on mouth-watering flavors to make WOOOF your dog's favorite treat.

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A yummy daily ritual for your dog

Eric M.

Verified Buyer

Helped limping following arthritis surgeries

My 14 year old male has arthritis and has had 2 ACL surgeries. So he had a lot of limping and limited mobility. I have tried everything in the book to get him more mobile… but NOTHING worked like Kayode. His limping decreased significantly, his coat became longer and fuller… he is like a young dog again!!

Elizabeth R.

Verified Buyer

Our Corgi kept his puppy energy

Oh how we love Kayode. Our corgi has always been a little skeptical when he would see me adding something extra to his food. Now he makes sure that I do! The Multi is perfect for our three year old. I wanted to get something that would taste great and keep his same puppy energy and this really does it. A great product and great team behind it. We are in love with Kayode.

Carys F.

Verified Buyer

Helped three dogs with three separate issues

One of my dogs has knee and hip arthritis, another has digestive issues/sensitive stomach and the third has the occasional UTIs/bladder issues. I love that I can supplement ALL their needs with ONE product that they all enjoy!!! They all love the taste and its good for them.

Haley L.

Verified Buyer

Fixed dry, itchy skin

Zuma loves the taste! I’ve been using it for over a month now and Zuma has stopped scratching constantly and her fur is soooo soft.

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