Daily Multi

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This is more than just a multivitamin. This Daily Multi contains a powerhouse blend of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and bionics proven to help your dog’s 8 daily functional health needs. This is the perfect compliment to kibble, homemade or raw diets to help your dog’s body feel better, longer.

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Active Ingredients

Glucosamine HCL: 225 mg

Multifunctional Vitamin Blend: 200mg

Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Niacin, d-Alpha tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E), Thiamin (B1), Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine (B6), Riboflavin (B2), Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B-12

Cranberry Powder: 180mg

Pumpkin Powder: 180mg

Tynagen Postbiotics: 150mg

Algae DHAgold: 120mg

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): 100mg

Taurine: 100mg

Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source): 75mg

Vitamin E: 10IU

Zinc Proteinate: 15mg

Biotin (Vitamin H): 50mcg

Inactive Ingredients

Brewer’s Yeast, Citric Acid, Coconut Glycerin, Flaxseed, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Flavors, Oat Flour, Palm Fruit Oil, Powdered Cellulose, Rosemary Extract, Sorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Turkey

Heat-Free Chews
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Made In USA
Over 21,500 healthier dogs

Premium superfood ingredients

Give your dog a boost of real food nutrition without the extra time and calories. We left out artificial ingredients and high-calorie fillers.
Vitamin Blend

Vitamin Blend

Provides essential vitamins for overall health and vitality.



Supports joint health and helps maintain cartilage and joint flexibility.



Rich in fiber and supports healthy digestion and a balanced stool.

Algae DHA Gold

Algae DHA Gold

Supports brain and eye health in dogs.



Essential amino acid that supports heart health and overall well-being.



Postbiotic that helps build immunity and natural defenses.



Helps maintain a healthy urinary tract and supports a strong immune system.



Supports joint health and helps maintain healthy cartilage.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Antioxidant that supports immune function and collagen production.

More than a multivitamin, it's multifunctional superfoods

Dogs today are living longer than ever… but that doesn’t mean they’re living better.

  • 50% rise in gut problems in last 5 years
  • 66% Rise in canine arthritis
  • The highest cancer rate of any mammal on the planet

A quality food is a great start, but no diet is perfect. Your dog's need are personal.

Our Daily Multi was made with all your dog’s 8 daily functional health areas in mind. Most Multivitamins end with just vitamins,A-Z. But this Daily Multi also includes 28 superfoods, vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients including glucosamine for joints, taurine for heart, pumpkin for digestion, DHA for brain health, and much more.

Great for raw and homemade diets

An easy daily ritual

Your dog's health isn't a means to an end. They'll love their new health treats
Give as a treat

Give as a treat

Use this as a reward or quick training opportunity

Crumble over food

Crumble over food

Heat-free chews easily crumble to make a tasty meal topper

Give daily for best results

Give daily for best results

Good health is based on long-term daily habits

Expertly made with your dog's safety top of mind

Every product is made to be natural, effective and tasty all the way through inactive ingredients to.

Made safely in Colorado

Clean, science-backed ingredients

Formulated by PhD Animal Nutritionist

Good Manufacturing Certified (GMP)