Make your dog's health a treat, not a chore with these tasty functional supplements

Your dog's new favorite daily ritual

Healthy nutrients should come from nature, not a lab. Boost your dog's nutrition without the BS.

Recommended starter duo

Look Good, Feel Good Pack

Your dog's daily foundation

Daily Multi

All natural allergy relief

Itch & Allergy

The micro-nutrition dog food misses

Doggie Greens

Give a wooof about your dog's wellness

Superfood Ingredients

Healthy nutrients should come from nature, not a lab. But your dog needs enough concentrated nutrients to make a difference.

Treat-Worthy Flavors

Because good health should be a treat, not a chore. Flavors and ingredients are chosen for their palatability.

Modern Effective Formulas

Made by a PhD Animal Nutritionist. Ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness based on the latest scientific studies.  

Hey... down there

Your dog sees your post-workout routine. Your collagen. Your sleep tracker. The keto diet you inevitably quit. Your green shakes. Your ever-changing supplement stack.

More than anything, they see how much better you feel when you invest in optimizing your health each year.  

Now it's their turn. Give your dog the tasty wellness routine they've been begging for. The drool-worthy flavors will have your dog running for their new healthy ritual.

Dog parents are buying these most often

Micronutrients & Probiotics

Doggie Greens

The other half of your dog's daily nutrition that dog food forgot.

Joints & Recovery

Activity & Recovery

A powerhouse joint supplement that helps with recovery & lean muscle.

Collagen & Omegas 3s

Collagen Puptides

This important protein helps with joints, coat, and digestion.

Soothing Relief

Itch & Allergy

Help histamine and inflammation with these complimentary nutrients

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What dog parents are saying

It started when I got Maya...

A message from the Founder

Whether it’s only a moment passing on the sidewalk, or hanging out with one at a friend’s BBQ. There’s something so special about their ability to snap you back to the present moment. So when COVID hit, like a lot of people, I was excited to get a dog of my own to further the healthier lifestyle I wanted to live.

Fairly health-conscious myself, I was underwhelmed by the options to personalize Maya’s needs. I didn’t like waiting between vet visits to feel some ownership in her overall health. But most of what I found online was the same dated formulas and “proprietary” blends sneaking in artificial crap.

So I teamed up with animal nutrition experts and a team of scientists to see how we could maximize the helpful, functional nutrients that come from superfoods. We’re combining complimentary nutrients with studies backing up their usefulness. And pack them together with mouth-watering taste, down to the little inactive ingredients your dog’s nose easily picks up.  

With Wooof, I feel more in charge of Maya’s daily physical and mental wellbeing. I know I’m giving her concentrated amounts of the best nutrients out there. I hope you find the right combination of our products that helps you do the same!

Travis - Founder of WOOOF