Struggling with an anxious and stressed dog?

5 Reasons Kayode Lickable Relax paste will finally help your dog chill out

"A lickable calming supplement... this is genius! And my dog goes to town on this thing"

1. Lickable Paste cues their mind and body to relax

Most calming supplements don't work for dogs because although the ingredients might help calm them, their mind is still wound up.

Dog's need a mental cue to calm down too, which is why this works best with a textured lick mat to get the full calming benefit. 

2. Licking is naturally calming act for your dog

Evolution gave your dog a natural calming mechanism... licking!

Licking releases the feel good endorphins in your dog's brain and gives them a naturally calming mental task. Many dogs with stress already rely on licking to help themselves calm down. 

3. The right ingredients to help their brain relax

Most calming supplements are led with chamomile. While nice for a an evening tea, it won't help your dog's stress. 

Relax is led with GABA, a neurotransmitter in charge of calming the nervous system. Multiple studies have shown improved emotional states without adverse effects. 

4. Licking format takes them from anxious to fun activity

You hate seeing your dog stressed out or struggling with anxiety. Use this as an opportunity to create a good experience for them. What starts as a way to help quickly turns into a fun regular activity they'll look forward to. 

5. Your dog will drool over the blueberry bacon flavor 

Lickable Relax is not only calming, but super tasty. Your dog will enjoy this stress-busting ritual.

Better for you, just mix the powder with water, mix, and you're good to go. 

“I am absolutely blown away by Kayode's Relax. My girl Roxie's separation anxiety was getting terrible. Now I can leave and come home to a happy and relax girl without worrying about her."

Halle H.

Verified Reviewer

A stressed out or hyperactive dog can put a strain on them and you

Separation anxiety when you leave for work or errands

Attention seeking during the day, especially during Zoom calls

Getting an energy second wind at night

Stress with city noises, fireworks, or loud kids

Depressed or changed personality from ongoing anxiety

Natural & effective ingredients

Easy 15-30 minutes of licking enjoyment

Mix with water

Mixing with water releases a blast of aroma, color and flavor. Adjust how much water you mix with until desired consistency

Spread on lick mat

Spread sticky paste on lick mat or other enrichment toy

Alternative: spread on dog bowl or give dry over food

If you're low on time, you can give dry over meals or mix to make a lick bowl.

Get your dog to Relax

Combine the benefits of a natural calming supplement with the mental benefits of licking

Help with separation anxiety, anxiety and general stress

Improves their daily experience

Build a healthy calming habit for your dog

Safe way to help relax with all natural ingredients

Formulated by Animal Nutritionist - Made in Colorado

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