Healthy food helps your dog live longer. Doggie Greens helps them live better

45+ vitamins, minerals, nutrients, biotics, and enzymes

Safely made in Colorado, USA

Led with science-backed superfood nutrients

Noticeable improvements in gut, coat, energy, & more

Replaces up to 7 individual dog supplements

1. Actual live probiotcs to help build a stronger gut 

Most dog probiotics that come in dog supplements are dead, killing any potential benefit. 

That's because most supplements are heat treated and melted together. These Dog Greens are cool-pressed, preserving maximum nutritional value. 

2. One chew, many benefits

 These Green chews can save you hundreds replacing multiple supplements to get these same benefits:

- Improved gut health

- More nutrient absorption 

- Softer, shinier coat 

- Less itching and scratching

- Support from oxidative damage

- Fill vitamin deficiencies 

- More daily energy

- Helps with bad breath

3. Easy to give chews without the mess

Forget the messy powders, Doggie Greens are the first greens that come in chew form so you can give them as a treat or gentle crumble them over your dog's meals. 

5,783+ healthier dogs

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4. Superfoods are safer, more natural way to boost vitamin intake

No diet is perfect, and supplementation is an easy way to ensure your dog is getting the nutrients they need. Doggie Greens let's you do this in a natural way, avoiding any side effects from artificial or synthetic alternatives. 

5. Thousands of dog parents have seen improvements in their dog's health

"These have really helped my buddy and we're both very happy about that! I tried them because he had started eating grass. Within a week or two, he stopped wanting grass and his poops were much better! People always comment on how shiny his coat is too."


Bonus: Your dog will love the complex scents & flavors from nature

You dog's nose is up to 10,000x stronger than yours. 

Nothing is more offensive to them than having to sniff the synthetic vitamins in most supplements. Your dog will love smelling and tasting the superfoods from nature they'd rather munch on.

5,783+ healthier dogs

End of Summer Deal

Save 20% Off

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