Free lick mat

Licks mats are recommended by vets, nutritionists and trainers for your dog's nutritional enrichment. These 100% silicon mats have 4 different textures to keep your dog interested in their favorite Kayode Lickable or food.

The benefits of regular use of lick mats

  • Calming mental stimulation
  • Licking releases feel-good endorphins in your dog's brain
  • Calm down overexcited dogs
  • Help with stress & anxiety
100% Sillicone
Mental enrichment
Help Stress & anxiety
Over 21,500 healthier dogs

An easy daily ritual

Your dog's health isn't a means to an end. They'll love when you bring our their mat
4 textures to keep your dog interested

4 textures to keep your dog interested

You can use or rotate through different textures based on what your dog likes

100% silicone and dishwasher safe

100% silicone and dishwasher safe

Deep ridges to make your dog work for it and easy cleanup

For snacks or meals

For snacks or meals

Good health is based on long-term daily habits. Get creative and use regularly for mental benefits

Licks mats are a foundation for mental health and enrichment

Licking calms your dog like yoga would for you. It trigger their mind to calm down and releases feel good endorphins. With a lick mat, you can easily care for your dog's mental health and nutrition at the same time.

Reduce anxiety & stress

Relieve boredom

Calming mental stimulation

Make an enriching snack or meal