Are You Neglecting Your Dog’s Micro nutrition? 

7 Reasons Canine Nutritionists Recommend Doggie Greens

"These Doggie Greens have a lot of probiotics, vitamins and minerals
she isn’t getting in her food."

Thousands of dog owners who have given Doggie Greens to their dog have seen improvements within the 4 weeks

1. Gut health is critical to your dog's long-term health

If your dog's gut is out of whack, it can lead to a variety of issues including lack of nutrient absorption, dulling coat, lowered immunity to diseases, and even mood changes. 

Adding probiotics and digestive enzymes along with superfood nutrients can help repair and rebuild your dog's gut, fostering a much more positive gut biome.

2. Stop cleaning up diarrhea.  See more consistent, firmer poop

Poop is a great indicator of how your dog is doing that day. By adding the right micronutrients, your dog's digestive system can normalize and you'll see more consistent, regular poops. 

As much as your hate picking up slimy, goey poop, your dog hates that diarrhea feeling too. 

3. Enzymes help extract more nutrition from your dog's food . More bang for your buck too

Just because your dog eats it, doesn't mean they absorb it. That's a good thing when it comes to shoes, but a bad thing when it comes to their food. 

As dog's age, their ability to absorb nutrients from their food declines. Enzymes help your dog extract more nutrition from the protein, fats, carbs, fiber, and vitamins already in their diets. 

Get Doggie Greens For Your Dog

4. Help protect your dog's cells from free radicals and oxidative damage

Over time free radicals cause oxidative damage to your dog's cells which can cause cancer and other diseases. Getting daily antioxidants can help protect from these free radicals and chronic inflammation to help give your dog that extra shield of protection.

Doggie Greens includes an antioxidant berry mix along with carefully selected superfood greens to help build their natural defenses. 

5. Less itching & scratching, more soothing allergy relief

A stronger immunity helps regulate your dog's histamine reaction. Nutrients like spirulina and kelp were added to help with allergies and inflammation so your dog doesn't have to go through their day battling an itch they just can't scratch. 

6. Superfoods are a safer, more natural way to boost your dog's vitamin intake

Many multivitamins on the market take use synthetic ingredients, or a long extraction process that brings down their usefulness. Greens like wheatgrass, kelp, spinach, and broccoli are packed with vitamins & minerals to fill any gaps your dog might have with their regular diet. 

7. A scent explosion that appreciates your dog's natural foraging instinct

Most dogs occasionally eat grass or stick their heads in bushes to get a nice big whiff. They love nature and all the smells that come with it. These chews have cold-pressed a complex variety of superfoods, probiotics, and nutrients your dog will get excited for day in and day out. 

Bonus: Replace 6 supplements with one chew

For some reason the pet industry sells products specialized in only one area. These Green chews replace 6 supplements:

- Probiotic 

- Multivitamin

- Digestion 

- Skin & Coat

- Spirulina

- Antioxidant

WOOOF's Doggie Greens 

Improve Your Dog's Nutrition With Doggie Greens

Dog parents are seeing a difference

Their fur feels softer! We started adding these to their diet just a couple weeks ago and was surprised when I noticed their fur. They also love the taste of the 'treats'.😄

Samantha V.

Verified Buyer

My dogs love this product too! They think they are getting treats on top of their food. My 3 year old Border Collie has a beautiful coat and skin because of WOOOF supplements.

Cynthia C. 

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My dog loves these! He’s pooping better and likes the taste as well.

Zarreen A.

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