Lick your way to wellness

First ever lickable dog probiotic for a fun way to improve your dog's gut

6 strains and 500 million CFU Probiotic to create a health gut microbiome

Mix with water to create a tasty paste

82% less calories than peanut butter

Add to lick mat, food bowl, or sprinkle dry on food

Improve your dog's gut and mental health

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Other dog probiotics are brown, dead & boring

Made with heat, killing probiotic bacteria

Lasts for 1 second of enjoyment (if that)

Brown and smells like most other dog products

Gets forgotten in your cupboard

Healthier gut, happier dog

This lickable powder goes far beyond the standard probitic found online or at pet stores

Kayode lickable probiotic

6 strains of live healthy probiotics

Up to 15-20 minutes of enjoyment

Delicious banana coconut flavor & aroma

7 digestive enzyme blend for better gut health

Regular probiotic chews

1 strain of probiotics

1-2 seconds of enjoyment

Offensive odor masked by artificial flavors

No extra benefits

Drool-worthy banana coconut flavor & aroma

Gut healthy treat in 

3 easy steps

1. Add water

Use 1 tbs of water per scoop of lickable powder

2. Mix

Mix together. Add extra water to find desired consistency

3. Serve

Add to lick mat, food bowl, or enrichment toy

Turn your dog's health routine into an enjoyable treat

This delicious banana coconut paste will be your dog's go-to treat.

Beyond the tasty flavor are two powerhouse blends of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Together they help strengthen your dog's gut immunity and their ability to absorb the nutrients from their diet.

All natural ingredients

Better dog health comes from nature, not from the lab of a big corporation

Probiotics & Enzymes

Probiotics help your dog's gut biome thrive and the digestive enzyme mix helps your dog extract the most nutrition from the food they already eat

Fun gelatin texture

Most powder supplements are just active ingredients and some filler powder. Kayode's lickable powder is made specifically to expand and create a sticky texture when mixed with water


Our ingredients are not just tasty, but chosen by a team of Animal Nutritionist and Scientists for effectiveness

5,783+ healthier dogs

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