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Look Good, Feel Good Pack

This pack covers your dog's functional nutrition needs by adding the superfoods, nutrients, and support that dog food leaves out.  

  • Everyday vitality & energy
  • Immunity boosting superfoods & minerals
  • Gut building probiotics & enzymes
  • Powerful joint & muscle support
  • Skin & coat health


"We use WOOOF supplements on a regular basis because they give us direct access to certain beneficial ingredients that are generally hard to find.

Living in a small town, we don't have big grocery stores or markets, so we rely on WOOOF to provide our dogs the supplements they need to live a long and healthy life.

We highly recommend giving them a shot for your pups!"

- Bryce & Kenzie (BK Pets)

Doggie Greens

Add the superfoods and healthy bacteria to see improved energy today, and better help protection from diseases in the future. Each chew includes super greens, healthy probiotics, enzymes and an antioxidant blend.

Treats with functional benefits

Bryce & Kenzie's favorite products


"This has fantastic ingredients like glucosamine and taurine." - The BK Pets

Collagen Puptides

"Omegas and collagen are great to aid hip & joint health and aid inflammation" - The BK Pets

Joint & Recovery

"Putting your dog on a joint supplement early in life can help their body naturally fight things like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and inflammation. We give this to our dogs almost daily." - The BK Pets

Forever Young Pack

Get proactive about helping prevent canine arthritis and age-related joint pain. The collagen and omegas will also help give your dog the softest coat you've felt yet.
Flavors: Tasty Trout & Savory Steak  

Tail-wagging guarantee

Try WOOOF risk-free. If you or your dog doesn’t absolutely love it, let our Customer Care team know within 30 days and get a full refund or replacement.

The personalized nutrition your dog deserves

Heat-free chews

True soft chews you can give as a treat or easily crumble over meals. Made without heat to maximize nutritional value.

Vitamin sauces

Give meals a blast of flavor and a boost of nutrition with this easy daily routine. Based in bone broth for added benefits.

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Dogs are family

It's all about quality


Science shows natural nutrients make a difference without artificial additives

Functional ingredients

Ingredients that'll make a difference, not just ones that sound good


All treats should be a highlight of your dog's day


How they're made is just as important as what goes inside

Pet supplements are stuck in the past

We made functional treats instead

The pet industry focuses on reacting to problems, not preventing them. A quality food should be bare minimum. A PhD Animal Nutritionist oversees our formulas. But how they're made is just as important.

WOOOF Functional Treats

Modern, science-backed formulas

Use the latest studies & software

Cool-pressed chews

Keeps all the benefits

Premium natural ingredients

Picked because it works

Made without gumming agents

Give as treat or crumble over meals

Made to be a treat

For meals or treat-time

Average Dog Supplements

Outdated, copycat formulas

Ingredients sound better than they work

Made with heat

Easier, cheaper, less effective

Cheaper or synthetic ingredients

Doesn't absorb as well & less effective

Gumming or artificial binders

Needed because of heat process

Made to be a supplement

A hassle to get your dog to take

Inspired by the Rocky Mountains

From a Colorado company

Inspired by the dog parents we see every day in our mountain backyard. The people that are committed to living a healthy lifestyle with their pets. Both outside and at home. The ones who refuse to compromise on quality and are always looking for better ways to invest in a fuller, happier life.

We took their adventurous spirit to re-think what functional nutrition can do to make your dog's days more enjoyable. Now you have an easy way to spoil your dog without the guilt.

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